Domestic & International Incentive Planning

Southwest RMC is fully versed in the art of creating truly memorable incentive trips for clients wishing to reward their employees. Whether it is a simple western cookout with awards ceremony in the beautiful Sonoran Desert around Phoenix, or you want to take a group of 100 to Tahiti, Southwest RMC can organize it all for you.
Let Southwest RMC take away the strain of destination selection and competing bids. We will gather information and put together pricing estimates for up to 5 destinations under consideration for the program – at no cost to you.

All we ask is that the client agrees in writing that it will use Southwest RMC’s incentive planning services and will contract with Southwest RMC for the incentive program under consideration.

We will arrange not only the competing bid proposals but also arrange site inspections for the client in order to make a final program decision.

For foreign-bound incentive trips, let Southwest RMC put an end to cultural differences and monetary headaches. We handle all the exchange rate headaches and keep you informed when payments are due and when the best time might be to pay a foreign vendor based on the fluctuating rates of exchange. So whether you are going to Napa, Vancouver, Europe, Mexico or anywhere else, your invoices will always be in US Dollars at a time that gets the most bang for the buck!

Southwest RMC has run successful incentives to Vancouver, Tahiti, the Caribbean and Europe utilizing its vast resource and network of contacts and is ready to put the same professionalism, knowledge and commitment to work for you.